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Our Mission

Our Policies


All shipping is through the US Postal Service. We do not ship with private companies. 

Available shipping is First Class Mail or Priority mail. 



Refunds and returns are not available for any Vintage or Zero-Waste items. 


Refunds and returns are accepted for In-House Design items if there is a faulty item. In this case, we can either replace the item at a no additional charge, or we can offer a refund in USD or Store Credit. This can be done only if the item is returned to us. 


You mention that Flower Power 444 is a zero-waste company, with the majority of your inventory being upcycled clothing. I was wondering if there were any other strategies you utilize to avoid the production of waste, and if so, what strategies are these?

We take sustainability into account with nearly every aspect of Flower Power! Our packaging is 100% compostable, and completely breaks down within 180 days. We also source many of our materials from the Goodwill Outlet stores, which for many clothes is the last stop before the landfill. Once we even found a trash bag full of clean denim in a dumpster! We also save every scrap of fabric, and much of it is used for patchwork pieces. Whatever scraps we don’t use for those is then used for personal projects such as stuffing for laptop sleeves or pillow stuffing. 

What are your views on sensory friendliness in fashion, and, if applicable, what strides has Flower Power 444 made toward sensory friendliness in its products?

I’m really glad that you brought up sensory friendliness in fashion, because I wasn’t aware of this concept before! Now that I know about it, I will be sure to make our next designs as sensory friendly as can be. Although it wasn’t a conscious decision, many of our in-house design items such as the Signs of the Stars top & skirt, the Sage two piece set, and the Flower Power Skirt are already sensory friendly. These items don’t contain any zippers, buttons, or tags, and can be slipped on and off with ease. The fabrics used in these items are both soft and stretchy. 

Do you have a sizing guide?

Yes we do! Our sizing guide is under the details of each item we have on our site. 

Do you have sizes that accommodate taller people (ex. 34"+ inseams, longer rompers/jumpsuits)? As a tall woman, I am very familiar with the struggle to find ethical clothing I can actually wear, so it is very important to me to find and empower tall-friendly and plus-size-friendly ethical fashion brands.

Because the majority of our clothing is sourced secondhand or upcycled, we do have some limitations on what sizes we are able to offer. This is due to the supply & demand of specific items at secondhand stores. We try to accommodate for as many sizes as we can, and currently carry sizes XXS-XXL. However, we can accept custom measurements for our in-house design items, and we also accept requests for custom pieces. 

Do you ship to Canada? 

Currently our website offers only U.S. domestic shipping, but if a customer requests us to ship internationally we are absolutely willing to! 


What is your policy on the use of animal products?

The vast majority of products on our site have no animal products whatsoever. However, there are some exceptions when it comes to sourcing second hand wool or leather items. I am against sourcing brand new items containing animal products. However I personally feel that there is no harm in purchasing second hand items containing animal products, because the item is already created and would otherwise go to a landfill. Also, because we source such items second hand we are not supporting the industry. I do respect others’ choice to abstain from animal products completely, and when uploading such items onto our site, we make sure to include a picture of the materials tag in order to not mislead customers. 

How did you start Flower Power?

Flower Power was my independent project in digital design class during my senior year of high school! Now, I am maintaining the business while studying fashion design and graphic design, with a focus on sustainability at the Parsons School of Design. 

What practices do you use to make Flower Power an ethical business?

All of our In-House Design and upcycled Zero-Waste items are handmade by me in my home (or dorm room). This ensures that when people buy a Flower Power designed item, they are not wearing a piece made from exploited labor. 

Because all of our clothing (except our In-House Design Items) is second hand, Flower Power customers can feel good about how their purchase doesn’t support exploited labor and environmental impacts that come with many brand new clothing pieces. 

I recognize there is a widespread concern for resellers buying clothes from Goodwill retail stores (that many people shop at who can’t afford more) and reselling them for a profit. So, when sourcing second hand items, I try to mostly shop at the Goodwill outlet stores, which is where clothes that don’t sell at the retail stores go to. 

When selling our items on our website, we try to price them as fairly as possible in order to maintain accessibility to cute clothes. 

What are your shipping policies?

Flower Power only ships through the USPS in order to support public postage. We offer both First Class Mail and Priority Mail. 

Welcome to Flower Power! 


Our goal is to transform the fashion industry into a more sustainable, ethical, inclusive, and accessible industry. 


Gender Inclusivity:


We believe in gender nonconformity. Our site features gender neutral and inclusive fashion/accessories. We feel that clothes aren’t confined to a specific gender, and that everyone should be able to dress the way they want.




We are a zero-waste company that is focused on sustainability. The majority of our inventory is unique upcycled pieces, vintage fashion, and one of a kind zero-waste accessories in order to uphold our sustainability mission. 




We believe that everyone should have access to trendy fashion regardless of size or price. 


We offer clothing collections and pieces that can be made to any size, and we currently offer sizes XXS-2XL. As our company develops we aim to include more sizes, and we are always striving to be better. 


Resellers and trendy websites often get a bad reputation for exorbitantly marking up the prices of their vintage items. We make sure to keep our clothing accessible to everyone price-wise. 




At Flower Power, all of our pieces are either handmade by our founder, or are vintage. We believe that ethical labor should be valued, and we are upfront about that. We strive to be a brand that strays away from the concept of Fast Fashion in regards to the environment as well as getting rid of unfair labor practices. 

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